Icicle's Darkwing Duck




Born: 07.08.2005
Colour: black and white (male)
Eyes: clear (04/07)

VG 4 in junior debut, 3'rd (from 7) in baby class

Aku in Koiranet


Beautiful headed puppy which have excellent bite. Excellent bones and angulations. Excellent body, especially forechest. Good tight paws. Good tailset. Excellent coat texture. Moves with good lenght of steps. A bit wide elbows in front. Excellent temperament.
-Helsinki 2006


Backhill's Just For You A (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal) S (u) CH Powerscourt Pied Piper A Riondel Venture To Powerscourt (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal)
Sorbrook Blue Ribbon At Powerscourt (Optigen Prcd-PRA Carrier)
S & N CH Backhill's Farah Diba A VDH&G&S(u)CH NORDW-03 KBHW-04  Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz (Optigen Prcd-PRA A1/ FN Normal)
S & N CH SW-03 NORDW-03 Backhill's Doris Day (Optigen Prcd-PRA A1/ FN Normal)
Icicle's Make My Day A FIN CH Leading-Light Strikes Back B (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal) INT&FIN&EST&LTU&BLR CH V-94 LTUV-99 Fools Alibaba A1
Breeze Nightshift C
Icicle's First Longtail A Lynwater Pole Star B
Icicle's Can I Play With It A

22 months 


1 year


almost 11 months

Aku 8½ months Aku 5½ months

Aku about 4½months  Aku almost 4 months

Aku 12 weeks  Aku 4 weeks