Icicle's Daydreamer

1 year 


Born: 07.08.2005
Colour: black and white (female)
Owner: Emmi Smedberg & Jaana Lähteinen

have participated once in puppyshow, but that time she didn't place among 4 best

Ansa in Koiranet


Backhill's Just For You A (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal) SE (u) CH Powerscourt Pied Piper A Riondel Venture To Powerscourt (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal)
Sorbrook Blue Ribbon At Powerscourt (Optigen Prcd-PRA Carrier)
SE & NO CH Backhill's Farah Diba A VDH&G&SE(u)CH NORDW-03 KBHW-04  Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz (Optigen Prcd-PRA A1/ FN Normal)
SE & NO CH SEW-03 NORDW-03 Backhill's Doris Day (Optigen Prcd-PRA A1/ FN Normal)
Icicle's Make My Day A FI CH Leading-Light Strikes Back B (Optigen Prcd-PRA Clear/ FN Normal) C.I.B, FI, EE, LT & BLR CH V-94 LTV-99 Fools Alibaba A1
Breeze Nightshift C
Icicle's First Longtail A Lynwater Pole Star B
Icicle's Can I Play With It A

Ansa and big sister Juliet =)

  Ansa and her friend Vauhti

Ansa outside on walk

Ansa and "bigsister" Juliet

Ansa 9 weeks

9 weeks  6 weeks