Icicle's Dig Way Down Deep


3 months

Born: 01.07.2013
Colour: liver-white (female)
Owner: Nina Lindström & breeder

Fucosidosis CLEAR

Cloette's Absolutely No Decorum (A)
cord 1 CLEAR
CH Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer (B) PRA cord 1 CLEAR CH, SEW-02-08, NOW-04, FIW-05 Barecho Fun For The Future (A)
CH Goldmoore's Angle Reynolds (B)
CH Cloette's Sweet Almond (A) PRA cord 1 CLEAR CH, WW-08 Barecho Zimply Zuper (A)
CH Cloette's Hot Stuff (B)
CH Icicle's Just For The Record (A)
cord 1 CARRIER
Icicle's Eager Above All (A) PRA cord 1 CLEAR C.I.B, C.I.E, FI, EE, LT, LV & NO
CH Nobhill All The Way (B) PRA cord 1 CLEAR
Fairsky Murder She Wrote (A/B) PRA cord 1 CLEAR
CH Bogaloo's You Can't Catch (A) PRA cord 1 CARRIER Beautelle Katch Thbreeze
CH Bogaloo's National Anthem (A) PRA cord 1 CARRIER


8 weeks


7 weeks