TK 1 Icicle's Touching Evil



Born: 17.05.2000 (- 08.08.2008)
Colour: orangeroan (female)
Hips: A
Eyes: clear
Owner: Annika Alervo

CC, res-CC, BOB, BB-placings

Passed working ability test
TK 1, obedience ecs 2006
Did compete in Agility medi3-class and she was 1'st in ECS agilitychampion-competition 2006!
Illusia in Koiranet

Illusia or Iipu, as she was called by all of her friends already long time, had one of the best homes we can ever think of, she got so much love and attention from Annika, they did grow together and teach eachother a lot. Iipu was our placing bitch, but even if we did try twice to mate her she never got puppies, so she was then just otherwise very much loved familymember and perfectly taken care. 
Iipu was so brave, but unfortunately aggressively spreading tumor close to her hipbones took too much of her strenght and we had to let her go..
We are forever grateful of all what Annika did for Iipu!

Good size, overall well build. Very good head. Showy neck. Good bone, legs and feet. Excellent movements.
-Toijala 2006

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CC, Toijala
Judge: Markku Santamäki, FIN



Toijalassa 2006

6 years