Icicle's Taste of Poison

Rölli o


Born: 17.05.2000
Colour: orangeroan (male)
Owner: Tanja Kattelus, Lepsämä

1.quality, class placements and honourprice

Rölli in Koiranet



Little big for his age, but he is good type junior. Good head and muzzle, good expression. Angulations could be little better, moves good. Good coat quality and beautiful color.

FIN CH Icicle's Ice King A Lynwater Secret Air H Lynwater Final Secret
Gigha Of Lynwater
Firehay's Graceful Icicle A2 Firehay's First Blood A
Breeze Pretty Baby A
Icicle's Gingerbread A Lynwater Pole Star B/A Lynwater Sailor
GB SH CH Lynwater Dawn Shimmer
Icicle's Can I Do It Hardway A INT & FIN & EST & LTU & BLR CH W-94 LTUW-99 Fools Alibaba A1
Firehay's Graceful Icicle A2

Ronnie (Icicle's Secret Sonnet) & Rölli


Heidi Nemlander & Raili Flinkman