Icicle's Jazz Up


17 months

Born: 09.12.2009
Colour: liver/ white (female)
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Eyes: clear (04/11)
Owner: Mervi Laakso

HP, BOS-puppy

PRA cord1 CLEAR (DNA tested), Fucosidosis CLEAR
Salli in Koiranet

Icicle's Eager Above All (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR CH Nobhill All The Way (B) PRA Cord1 CLEAR S (U) & PL CH SW-07 Wongan Kadenza (A) PRA Cord1 CLEAR
S (u) CH Nobhill Personality (A)
Fairsky Murder She Wrote (A/B) PRA Cord1 CLEAR Fairsky Devil In Devon
CH Fairsky Tales Of Terror
CH Bogaloo's You Can't Catch (A) PRA Cord1 CARRIER Beautelle Katch ThBreeze (A) Baghasdail Sea Captain
Aus, Nzl Ch Beautelle Desert Breeze
C.I.B, Fi, Ee CH EeW-05 LtJW-03 Bogaloo's National Anthem (A) PRA Cord1 CARRIER Se (u) CH Melverly Mystery Maker (H)
Bogaloo's Catch The Wind (A)

17 months

11 months

6 months

5 months

11 weeks
9 weeks

6,5 weeks

4 weeks