C.I.E*, C.I.B, FI, LT, LV & EE CH Bogaloo's You Can't Catch


5 years

Born: 28.03.2006
Colour: liver/white (female)
Hips: A/A
Knees: 0/0
Eyes: distichiasis hair in other eye, otherwise Clear (01/11)
Breeder: Maria Humell, Åland

BOB-puppy, BIG-1, BOS-puppy
3* CC, 5* res-CC, res-CACIB, BOS, 8* BOB, 3* BIG-3, BIG-1, BIS-4
From Lithuania CC, 3*class CC, CACIB, res-CACIB
From Latvia CC, 2*CACIB, BOB, BOS
From Estonia CC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, BIG-3

mother of our J-litter (born 09.12.2009)
PRA cord1 CARRIER (DNA tested), Fucosidosis CLEAR
Thyroid normal (T4 & TSH OK, TgAA negative)
Passed working ability test
Yennie in Koiranet


Beautelle Katch ThBreeze (A) Baghasdail Sea Captain Aus, Nzl Ch Ngaruru Dont Stop Me Now
Aus Ch Baghasdail Blitz End U D
Aus, Nzl Ch Beautelle Desert Breeze Aus, Gb Sh, Nzl Ch Chuan Chablais At Lyndora
Aus, Nzl Ch Beautelle Desert Queen
C.I.B, FI, EE CH EEW-05 LTJW-03 Bogaloo's National Anthem (A) PRA Cord1 CARRIER SE (u) Ch Melverly Mystery Maker H Clanach Crown Destiny
SE (u) Ch Melverly Mystery Girl
Bogaloo's Catch The Wind A Hammersmith's Dedicated To Bogaloo H
C.I.B, FI, LT Ch Bogaloo's Days Of Thunder B

5 years

4½ years

in group ring/ Latvia 13.06.09 (bad quality, but she looks great anyway ;)

3 years, running towards BOB :)


2 years

Yennie 17months  Yennie 17 months

RYP-3 Mikkeli 07

Yennie 13months  Yennie 13 months

Yennie 1 year


Heidi Nemlander & Raili Flinkman